Welcome to Splendor Boats

A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS FOR BIG FAMILY FUN! Our motto says it all! We custom manufacture power catamaran deck boats to meet your needs. Our boats ride much smoother than any Vee-bottom boat made! The reason is clear; our catamaran hull compacts air and eliminates the pounding associated with conventional hulls. Expect more! These boats are built from scratch to your specifications from start to finish by boat builders, not on a high volume production line. They are fast, stable, and very safe. We sell our custom catamarans direct from our manufacturing facilities. This allows us to work one on one with you to custom build the boat of your dreams. It also saves you the 20-30% dealer markup. This allows you to own one of our custom cats for about the same price as a high production, rough riding Vee-bottom boat. Please take a moment and watch our factory walk-through video!