239 Sunstar

This catamaran-style deckboat is a rarity.  The 239 SunStar was designed to be spacious and fun.  It offers a smooth ride, 12” hull draft, fuel efficiency and great side-to-side stability.  Inside, you will find a passenger side captain’s seat chair, seating for 12 people, an oversized head unit, a sink with pull-out transom shower, large storage compartment, and a cooler storage area.  This boat is decked out with some of the latest and greatest options. 

The 239 SunStar is simply the outboard version of the 240 SunStar.  The 239 SunStar is configured so that an outboard motor can be positioned directly off the back transom, thus removing the extra two (+) feet of overall boat length added to our other outboard models.  The overall length is just under 24 feet.