240 Platinum

The Splendor design team created the smooth, stable and efficient ride of a full-planing, tunnel hull catamaran known as the Platinum Bow Rider Series.  To compliment the Platinum’s beauty, the Splendor team incorporated features to satisfy multiple water activities.  Whether you are cruising, skiing, entertaining, lounging, swimming, or fishing, this is the deckboat for you.  Once inside, you will find a passenger side bench seat, seating for 12 people, an oversized head unit and an entertainment center.

The hull design allows this boat to compact air as it travels down the inside of the tunnels.  This design helps push up on the hull at takeoff, thus forcing the craft up on plane very quickly with minimal bow rise.  Not only does the craft perform well, but it gives you a feeling of power when you are at its command.  The catamaran hull allows you to cut through rough water, and turns are tight and smooth with very little power loss.  It also allows you to get through some very shallow water.