259 Sunstar

For those that desire the outboard configuration, but miss the availability of a swim platform extension, The 259 SunStar is the perfect fit.  The 259 SunStar was designed to be spacious and fun.  It offers a smooth ride, 12” hull draft, fuel efficiency and great side-to-side stability.  Inside, you will find a passenger side captain’s seat chair, seating for 12 people, an oversized head unit, a sink with pull-out transom shower, large storage compartment, and a cooler storage area.  This boat is decked out with some of the latest and greatest options.

The 259 SunStar is simply the twin to the 240 SunStar with a 2-foot extension platform to mount the motor.  This platform is an effective way to give the boat an additional swim platform at the rear.

Please note that all displacement figures include the base engine package.