Splendor's unique catamaran hull is what makes our boats so special


Splendor Boat Sunstar Series
Splendor Boat Sunstar Series

The company's founder, Doyle Heckaman first began boat pattern making in 1972. Over the years Doyle has made just about everything possible out of fiberglass such as steeples, fan housings, running boards, van tops, and of course, boats. He use to tool boat hulls for other major boat builders, but when he developed a new hull idea in 1989, a new page in history was written. He came up with a revolutionary, catamaran design. Along with his engineering team, the hull was perfected to a level in which it would NOT require two engines to perform exceptionally well. This design significantly lowered the cost associated with owning a luxury boat of this class. Splendor Boats was officially born.

Innovation, quality improvements and a personable, family-centered business environment and attitude have propelled Splendor Boats to the top of our industry. The products have achieved high marks on industry tests, received rave reviews from the experts, and enjoyed exceptional customer satisfaction over the years.

As of 2007, the company is now in the hands of its 3rd generation of Heckamans. Doyle's three grandchildren, Adam Heckaman, Andrew Heckaman, and Amy Heckaman-Parker. They continue their family's legacy as they work side by side with their employees each day so that we can continually provide better, more innovative products and services to our customers.