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Staying Ahead of the Curve: Adapting to Changing Market Trends in Deck Boats


Posted by: Splendor Boats 3 weeks ago

Splendor Boats catamaran deck boat driving in a large curve on calm blue water, showcasing popular boating trends.

When it comes to the boating industry, the trends are ever-changing. Boating trends can change from year to year or even from week to week, so it’s important to stay on top of them.

At Splendor, we’re committed to supplying the most innovative features in our boats to provide our customers with the best deck boat experience. We prioritize keeping up with boating trends and ensuring our vessels are equipped with the best technology. 

Here are some of the newest boating trends of 2024 and how you can incorporate them into your vessel.


Boat manufacturers are constantly creating and including more advanced technologies for their deck boats. This includes improved navigation, LED lighting options, Bluetooth connectivity features, smart controls, and more. These features ultimately enhance safety and contribute to the overall boating experience that our customers care about more and more.

At Splendor, we have all these options and more! We provide a variety of packages for our customers to choose from when it comes to customizing their boats and keeping up with the latest boating trends.


The importance of protecting the environment is becoming more and more vital all the time. Manufacturers are working hard to make their boats more environmentally friendly to ensure the ecosystem remains undisturbed.

At Splendor, we embrace this innovation with our 100% wood-free hulls by using premium Coosa Composites (lightweight fiberglass) across all of our deck boat models. This ensures our boats are environmentally conscious and have enhanced durability and lightness for superior performance on the water.


Now more than ever buyers are looking for more options when it comes to customizing their boat for their wants and needs. This includes everything from external colors and graphics to technology and performance options and even includes the internal design.

When it comes to designing the deck boat of your dreams, Splendor has you covered. We have a variety of options for our customers to choose from to make their boats unique. We provide options when it comes to nearly every design element so our clients have a say in the features of their boats.


Deck boats are perfect for entertaining the whole family. The spacious deck and wide variety of features allow boat owners to optimize the boat to meet their family’s needs.

Whether embarking on a cruise around the lake, partaking in water sports, or even fishing together as a family, deck boats provide the space and flexibility for any family to enjoy time together.

Keep Up With The Latest Boating Trends With Splendor

If you’ve never owned a boat or you’re looking for an upgrade, we have all the features you need to keep up with the latest and greatest advancements in the boating industry. 

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