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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Boating Queries

What makes Splendor's catamaran hull design unique?

Are Splendor Boats customizable?

What types of engines are used in Splendor Boats?

How do I maintain my Splendor Boat?

Can Splendor Boats be used in saltwater?

What is the warranty on a Splendor Boat?

Where can I find a Splendor Boats dealer?

Splendor Deck Boats

Where Quality Craftsmanship Meets State-Of-The-Art Innovation

Innovative Catamaran Hull

Handcrafted Quality

100% Wood-Free Construction

Customized Comfort


Two parents and two young children enjoying the deck boat features on a Splendor Boats catamaran deck boat.

Experience the Pinnacle of Deck Boating

Overhead photo showing one of Splendor Boats' customized deck boat's interior with a blue and white captain's chair.